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A customized necktie, embodying an individual’s or a group’ssocial role and certain status, can foster a specific industry image andsharpen company’s competitive edge. In addition, it reflects the culture of anenterprise, which will increase company’s image and cohesion.
The KFC agent thought highly of the professional design teamin Handsome, who were able to make specially customized neckties of richcultural spirit for KFC staff. Our designers selected red ground since redstood for being cordial, (Be cordial to serve every customer, which is KFC’sphilosophy), and arranged letters K, F, C in smaller font, and placed thesymbolic portrait of the old grandpa in the center, smiling, clear and kind.
It was the custom-made tie specially for KFC. After seeingthe sample, our client praised: “Marvellous! That’s it!”

Mercedes-Benz, the German vehicle brand, is one of theten greatest automobile enterprises in the world and famous for high qualityand high performance production of luxury motors. The Trigeminal starsymbolizes its desire for the conquest of land, ocean and air.
They would like to customize the unique ties for allmembers in Mercedes 4S in order to enhance cohesion and establish image. Themanager got in touch with us online. And he was convinced that it was our teamthat he is looking for after the sample test, which resulted in the contractbetween us.
Our company was ready at customizing neckties combinedwith team culture with the concept of rich cultural ideas. The tie seemed fashionable and elegant, sedate darkblue ground, black and white lines, and the Trigeminal star in the lower leftcorner. The manager felt satisfied at the first sight of the sample and askedto make the order.

UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), having representatives from 48 countries, which was founded in 1965 in accordance with United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), is aimed at facilitating economic and social advance in developing countries and promoting growth relying on themselves. And it maintains an office inChina, UNDP China.

As a public organization with a great deal of international influence, it presents high demands on apparel that should focus on modesty and friendship. Hence, we chose a simple design in the light of client’s requirement, using azure clothing figured woven with the white logo. The sharp and harmonious symbol was not only the ornament, helping bring the crucial point out, but also the image of the whole organization. It is the specially customized tie that mixed team culture together.

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