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Daniel Hechter Custom Tie Made by Handsome Tie Factory
Mr. Daniel Hechter, as the chairman of the Franch Fashion Institute, ever designed new dresses for many well-known artists and famous person, such as Sylvie Vartan, Michel Sardon, etc..His various new dresses designs have obtained high appreciations from the members of the high society.

Daniel Hechter, the dress brand which was created by him has also been the famous European senior Mens clothing brand and become more and more people’s first dress choice.

Shengzhou Handsome Textiles, as a mens accessories(like tie, bow tie, pocker squares,etc.) factory, is very glad to win the opportunity to manufacture ties for the Daniel Hechter. All the shipped ties have won high appreciation from the buyers.

Welcome to contact handsome tie:david@handsometie.com.

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