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How to selected good quality and competitive prices silk necktie
In life, there are a lot of men will encounter all sorts of questions about how to choose clothing accessories, So, how to choose a good quality silk tie.


Gently bending tie, whether in light or sunlight tie luster bright, the glossiness is the basic characteristic of the silk tie.

Use hand to touch tie surface is smooth like silk, color is bright. To note here is that some of the silk tie weave texture is more complex, feels there will be a little bit of resistance, this belongs to weave texture.

Observe tie tag component labeling, and tie on the back of the little head, there will be a small scale, the composition of this in general is not false, because national textile products is heavily regulated.

We usually go to stores to buy tie, go to large shopping mall department, to find the brand shop to buy, is such a quality assured brand goods, after-sales is guaranteed. But the shopping mall is more expensive, for the simple reason that store brands to smoke fee, management fee, also, these costs must be pay by consumers.

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