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What The Colour Of Your Tie Says About You(1)
All powerful reds
It’s not a coincidence that many politicians wear red-coloured ties with light shirts and darkersuits.

“Red is the power tie,” said Mark Woodman, a trend analyst who studies colour in Laurel,Maryland, in the US. “There’s something about red that always comes back to strength andpassion.”

But the tone of your reds matters, too. Darker reds, such as a burgundy, can help build trust,while lighter red and pink ties can be more of a statement about your personal style and beassociated with creativity. In the last decade, a pink tie can sometimes signal “solidarity withwomen,” added Woodman.

When you are taking the lead on a project or want to convey a sense of ambition, consider a boldshiny red. A matte or printed red tie can be a more subtle way to convey power.

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