Leikatz company custom mens ties-[Handsome tie]

Lekaz is currently the largest hotel operator in Ukraine, with more than 40 hotels in Ukraine and abroad. It began in Ukraine in 2003, when a group of Belgian architects bought an old house in Lviv center. At that time, there was no 3-star hotel chain and 4-star hotel chain in Ukraine.

As a high-end brand of the hotel, it has high requirements for employees' clothing, so Handsome Tie recommends silk fabrics with good air permeability, good moisture conductivity, skin friendly and the reputation of "Silk Queen" for customers in the process of custom mens ties.

Our company uses the concept of cultural and creative design to create a customized tie integrated with the team culture. In the production process, our company has won the high recognition of customers with accurate and unbiased professional technology and production process.

custom mens ties

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