Orel Rugby Union Football Club Customized Mens Tie-[Handsome tie]

What is rugby?

It was originally a ball game derived from football. The ball is made of leather with rubber bladder inside. You can play with your feet, pass with your hands, or run with the ball. You can drag people around.

It was originally named rugby football and originated from rugby in England. Because the ball is shaped like an olive, it is called "Rugby" in China. Popular in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. Can be divided into British (also known as soft) rugby and American (also known as hard) Rugby two categories.

In 2010, the purchase of the football club of Aurel football United found us . Handsome tie quickly provided design scheme for customers with professional team, which made customers very satisfied.

This customized mens tie with black background and yellow twill, together with the customer's exclusive logo, is unique on the ordinary tie. Yellow is the emperor's color, which also implies that their club can be invincible in the competition. In the production process, our company has won the high recognition of customers with its accurate and non deviation professional technology and production process.

customized mens tie

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