University tie Customization-[Handsome Tie]

Wased* University, is located in Shinjuku District, Tokyo, Japan. It is one of the most famous universities in Japan. Wased* University was born in Tokyo in 1882 with the declaration of "independent learning". Now, Wased* University has developed into a world-famous top university after 132 years of trials and hardships.

When an old classmate in Japan told us that Wased* University needed to customize a tie, we checked the information, made five samples in advance, then seized this opportunity, actively contacted, sincerely communicated and sent the samples at the moment. After a series of efforts, we were finally got the order . In five samples, a tie with red background and full of Wased* University logo was confirmed. Take this tie to order.

Through the success to tie customization , we know that sincere communication is very important, and we must grasp the good opportunity, in case it is realized!

University tie Customization

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