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Handsome Tie

-one ties, two generations

A ties, a memory, a dream, a kind of persistence. This is the story of a ties. This is the story of two generations for the ties business. This is the memory of ties for Mr Tong, the founder of Handsome Tie. This is the legend of the "Handsome tie".

Memories: Ties memories

Constant feelings. from the memories of time

Plain MAO suits and beautiful suit uniforms, bright red scarf and stylish mens ties, A ringing bicycle bells and loud car horn combined to form China in the 1980S. In that era, simplicity and fashion coexisted, tradition and openness mingled. In such an era of tradition and fashion, small workshops made mens ties appeared in Deqing, a small town in South of the Yangtze River. Tong's father was one of the earliest ties makers in China. Information blocked and poor sales have became father's road block for business. For Tong, the small kids ties that father customized for him became a fond childhood memory.

Encounter: Ties Romance

Ignite passion, from the dream of encounter

Unforgettable, the hardship of father walking through street to street to sell ties, unforgettable, the lost figure of father after the mens ties factory closed. After graduating from university, Tong was hired as a foreign trade salesman for a necktie company in ShengZhou. ShengZhou is well known as the "Hometown of Neckties" where 70% of the world's mens tie, bow tie are produced there. This is fate. This is Tong's love affair with ties. From a salesman worked his way up to manager, Tong stared his own business and owned his own ties company in 2004 finally.

Perseverance: Tie a dream

Career achievement, from the persistence of the dream

For Tong, changing father's original selling way to make "Handsome Tie" to be a famous Chinese brand has became the dream. Since the establishment of "HandsomeTie" in 2004, Tong has never forgotten this dream, followed the road of development of network marketing,adhere to the market-oriented, innovative product design, set up a professional ties design and development team, improve the tie patter design, research, development, innovation ability. Adhere to the customer-oriented, pay attention to cultural and creative design, according to different customers, to provide their own customized mens ties, strive to improve product quality, strengthen brand marketing, enhance brand awareness.

A tie, a life!

Handsome Tie