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How to give a man a nice tie for gift-[Handsome tie]

Jan. 13, 2021

How to get a nice mens ties gift set? We can see from the following three aspects:

1. Age

The size of the age largely determines the choice of tie color. Generally, young people aged 20-30 can choose the tie with leisure color, which is very bright and elegant. Mature men aged 30-40, whose general career has begun to develop or has reached a high level, pay more attention to their "mature charm" and choose the tie as a gift It should be bright but not publicized. Dark red and dark blue should be the mainstream color. Men over 40 years old, in their forties, not only have a steady state of mind, but also have a naive idea. They begin to yearn for the vitality of their youth, so they can choose a tie at this time, either dark or bright. They will not refuse your kindness Dark color is mature, light color is still full of vitality.

mens ties gift set

2. colors

Do you know the color he likes? What color are all the ties he has worn? What color is the shirt he is wearing? What color is his suit? These are the reference for you to give gifts. He won't buy a suit just because of the tie you give him. So the tie you give him is best if he can match it with color or flower shape immediately. He will feel that you are really paying attention to him and understanding him. Your gift will get twice the result with half the effort!

mens ties gift set

3. work

The nature of his work can determine the details of the tie you want to give him, such as the material and workmanship. If the gift is given to high-end business people, you must not be stingy of money, because their life is relatively high-end, so he need to wear a luxury tie.

mens ties gift set

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