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The way to make tie matching - [Handsome tie]

Jan. 13, 2021

Every man should be equipped with a pure navy blue or wine red tie for daily work and life. Of course, he should also have a flower tie or a pure black tie for formal occasions.

Neckties men tie is the most eye-catching part of clothing. Generally speaking, we should focus on the collocation of tie and suit coat, and the color of coat should become the basic color of tie. The pattern on the tie should be more conspicuous than that on the shirt. Never let the pattern on the shirt press the pattern on the tie.

Popular collocation

Nowadays, monochrome matching with the same hue is very popular in clothes. If you want to be fashionable, try ties and shirts with the same hue.

neckties men tie

Classic match

The eternal fashion match is white or light blue shirt with monochrome or bright pattern tie. This is a timeless match, suitable for any occasion.

neckties men tie

Eternal simplicity

If you are not so confident in your taste in choosing a tie, don't be unconventional and simply please yourself forever.

neckties men tie

The tie and shirt match reflects your sophistication to some extent.

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