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Nagoya University custom neckties-[Handsome tie]

Nagoya University (English: Nagoya University; Located in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, the headquarters is a top and world-class research comprehensive national university in Japan and the highest local university in central Japan.

As the youngest old Imperial University in Japan, Mingda is also a member of the Pacific Rim University Alliance, the 21st century academic alliance, the global university higher research institute alliance and the international public university forum. It is also a class a top university of Japan's super International University program, Japan's designated national universities, the academic research symposium, the Federation of engineering departments of eight universities, the program of excellent graduate schools The leading graduate school program is a member of famous organizations such as renkei and Mirai.

In an activity of Nagoya University, a batch of commemorative neckties were needed. After the customer found us through network and indicated his intention, we provided the design drawing of school necktie, the background color of wine red element plus white stripe, and then put on the school logo. The customer was very satisfied and confirmed the order to us. From receiving the order, confirming the order and shipping the order, the customer was very satisfied with our service and said that he would still cooperate with us if he needed a tie next time.

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